SCRUMBOOK - designed for SCRUM teams

What is Scrum and how to learn Agile methodologies - Scrumbook was designed to make this process fast and easy to follow. Learn to plan your sprints, run daily Scrums, and facilitate Sprint reviews and Retrospective meetings. 

This notebook follows a typical SCRUM sprint structure of Daily Standup and Sprint Retrospective. SCRUMBOOK is intended for anyone who wants to make the most of a structured, easy to follow low-tech solution. Through continuous improvement, SCRUMBOOK introduces a natural way to learn project organization, diligence, effort estimation, and collaboration.

"There is an app for that", however, each time people reference smartphone apps during daily standup, they become distracted by other apps and notifications or simply struggle with finding relevant information on a small screen.

A paper notebook keeps things simple and helps to manually prepare for the daily standup. The core of SCRUM or any Agile Framework is speedy collaboration: too many tools slow us down. Using a paper notebook is still the easiest and fastest way to capture high-level information.


Gerard  & Paulina



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